Heat Networks

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Heat Networks

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Heat networks

Also known as District Heating, it consists of centralised Energy production in the form of heat which, by means of a system of networks, pipes buried under the public or other roads, they transport thermal fluids, hot water to satisfy the heating and hot water demands of all users, buildings and homes connected to said system of networks.

IMS, through its long experience and as a manufacturer of heat-generating equipment, provides its clients with advice on implementation, including finance, by cooperating with all those involved in the installation.

Successful implementation of state-of-the-art heat networks lies in guaranteeing maximum coherence, transparency and heat production and consumption management.

The focus of new distributed heat networks is to share energy generation and distribution installations, instead of individual systems, to be more efficient for clients, and for society as a whole.

A GREAT SOLUTION is to use renewable and residual heat produced by low temperature energy sources, 30-70˚C, as opposed to pressurised hot water. With IMS Heating solar thermal collectors, we achieve great performance and huge savings. Small network losses. Smaller distribution pipe dimensions and a great improvement in the materials used for insulation.

CLEAN ENERGIES are cheaper, renewable projects all over the world are matching or improving on fossil fuels, but there is still much to do, especially when external factors such as Pollution, environmental damage and public health are taken into account.

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