Biomass -Pellet

Thermal heat groups

Biomass -Pellet

Biomass -Pellet

IMS thermal heat groups

The use of thermal generation with biomass has undoubted benefits for isolated homes, residential buildings and non-residential buildings such as for sporting installations, or other uses.

IMS Biomass boilers are highly resistant to wear, have a long lifespan and great energy performance levels, surpassing 93%.

They stand out for their low cost, small size and high performance levels.

Our PELLET thermal groups incorporate modular systems enabling continual power variation to match existing demand at any given moment.





The combination of a biomass boiler with a solar thermal energy system is a particularly attractive option that can supply an installation with all the heating and sanitary hot water it needs. Due to solar energy not being constant, it is always necessary to have a back-up support system available. Replacing conventional boilers with biomass boilers as the support system enables contaminating gas emissions to be reduced. As well as the ecological benefits (covering thermal demand solely with renewable energy), this solution enables the air conditioning and SHW costs of a building or single-family home to be reduced. During the summer, when thermal energy consumption is low, the solar installation can provide 100% of the energy demanded and the biomass installation can remain idle, reducing its maintenance costs, emissions and energy losses.