Biomass – Firewood

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Biomass - Firewood

Biomass - Firewood

Environmentally-friendly boilers

FIREWOOD boilers manufactured by IMS provide hot water in an efficient way, for the uses required according to the installation, for example, for Heating and Sanitary Hot Water.

Our boilers are designed with a double-jacket water tank, a combustion chamber and optimal smoke recovery, making this a high performance system.

This leads to a very considerable fuel saving and a very long loading autonomy, for greater convenience and performance.

We provide the most suitable solution for each installation, new build and also to replace or substitute conventional boilers.

As well as being a low-cost fuel, unaffected by market fluctuations, Firewood is Environmentally-Friendly.

It can be acquired easily and in the quantities required without the need for gas installations or contracts with gas companies.