24 July, 2018

Zero emission single family home

Home conceived from project stage as a self-sufficient dwelling, generating its own energy throughout the year. How is this achieved?

By using solar energy; consists of solar energy generation installations both for heating IMS hot water collectors and for producing electricity.

And an ecological and sustainable air conditioning system; an installation with a geothermal heat pump.

Low temperature heating, with underfloor heating, enables an optimal combination of solar and geothermal energy, achieving a stable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Annual sanitary hot water demand is practically totally covered with solar THERMAL energy, via IMS Collectors. At times of low energy demand, temperature peaks are dissipated to a heat exchanger coupled to a swimming pool circuit.

Solar collection area

29.37 m²


1 x 300L solar hot water Tank + 1 x 150L solar hot water Tank

Underfloor heating Tank – fan coils


Sanitary hot water, SHW. Underfloor heating

Annual saving

If you compare a similar home, but with a conventional heating, SHW and electricity system, energy bill savings of 80% can be estimated.