25 July, 2018

THERMAL SOLAR: increase towards 2030

The European Parliament approved on Wednesday 24 January 2018 to establish binding targets for the whole of the UE and thus boost efficiency and renewable energy, including solar thermal, at a global level of 35% by 2030.

This announcement and market surveys suggest a very important growth in the next few years of the solar thermal sector in Spain.

Solar heating technologies can preheat boilers, reheat condensate, heat air, evaporate liquid waste or provide a full range of temperatures for manufacturing processes.


Thermal solar energy is not only beneficial for the residential sector but is increasingly being applied in many other sectors such as the hotel industry, large consumers of hot water, and in the industry whose processes require preheating fluids.

From IMS we continue working to provide the best equipment and this year we have expanded to increase production by 29%.

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