24 July, 2018

SOLAR THERMAL FOR INDUSTRY. A Successful Example at the Exide-Tudor factory

All companies want to achieve maximum profitability and fixed-cost savings. Some factories have elevated gas or fossil fuel consumption levels for heating Hot Water. Or, for heating SHW used in staff changing rooms or for hot water used in the production process.

One such case is the Exide–Tudor Factory in Zaragoza.

The purchasing department at the Tudor factory assessed a proposal to heat hot water with solar thermal energy with a high performance solar thermal collector made by IMS. Model 3.0.

By analysing the investment and monthly gas savings, they realised that the investment recovery period is short, less than 6 years, while the installation’s minimum lifespan is 25 years.


Solar collection area

144 m², solar thermal collector 3.0


Solar Storage System

Inertia System of 2 x 3,500L solar hot water Tanks. Total 7,000 litres

Interconnected in series to boost stratification, achieving better performance.


Annual saving and emissions

21,000 euros / year annual saving.

4.2t CO2 / year, prevented from being released into the atmosphere as boiler fumes.