26 July, 2018

IMS Heating collaborates in the training of future installers

IMS Heating S.L has been collaborating for some years in the training of young installers, specialists in the design and execution of air conditioning installations: cold and heat, who are studying their higher education degree at the Instituto Virgen del Pilar.

In 2017 one of the students of the Instituto Virgen del Pilar received a national award for their contribution to a technical project on this subject.


In this Institute they give classes teachers, of training industrial engineers, who have studied in the CPS of Zaragoza, forming to the future installers that have to take care of all the details that have to have in account at the time of buying components and equipment that take part in thermal installations, as well as everything that must be taken into account for its correct installation, maintenance and monitoring.

The Virgen del Pilar Institute invites Jesús Montero, Product Engineer of IMS Calefacción S.L, to give the practical classes of the course, which usually happen during the first quarter of the year. In these practices, facilities already executed in operation related to cold and heat are inspected directly. During the day the different details of the installation are explained, doubts are clarified and the students are given the opportunity to contribute possible points of improvement.

In the practices of the first quarter of 2018, we visit a high-performance facility for the use of Solar Thermal energy for water heating that is operating in a center for early childhood education in Zaragoza. The solar thermal collectors and their anchoring systems are manufactured in IMS. In this installation, the solar thermal system is combined with a remote regulation with a thermal energy meter and a water accumulation inertia system. This installation also includes a floor heating system. Providing all this with high energy savings and unparalleled temperature comfort.