24 July, 2018

256 Homes in Zaragoza, SPAIN “Free SHW”

The biggest Solar Thermal installation in the Central Eastern zone of Spain can be found in the city of Zaragoza.

The engineers decided to install IMS collectors due to their great performance and large size, achieving best use of the surface area available. This has resulted in high levels of SOLAR collection levels which, during several months of the year, achieves ZERO consumption of energy from fossil fuels (Gas), leading to great economic savings.

Furthermore, thanks to their designs and finishes, IMS collectors provide a very integrated architectonic vision.

With the installation of this solar system, savings on their bills of well over 70% are achieved, resulting in high satisfaction levels among the owners as well as the maintenance company.


collectors – home

Solar collection surface area

472.59 m²

Solar storage

2 x 5,000L Tanks of solar hot water

2 x 3,000L Tanks of solar hot water


Sanitary hot water, SHW


Annual saving

70% of annual energy bills

During the months of July and August, these 256 homes consume NO fossil fuels.

Vivienda Valdespartera